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Ten years of yoga together

This year marks ten years since I first rolled out the yoga mat as a teacher and began my journey with you. What a ten years it has been!

I wrote in a recent blog post that my time running Adeles Yoga has been colourful. The more I think about it, the word ‘colourful’ sums it up perfectly. Running a business undoubtedly comes with its ebbs and flows. But what has remained consisted throughout are the relationships I’ve developed with my wonderful yoga community. So, it would only feel right that whilst I’m marking ten years in business, I also take the time to celebrate YOU. After all, my business wouldn’t be here without you. So, here’s to ten years of yoga together!

What’s new?

Business milestones often help us to look back at how far we’ve come – but also to look forward to what’s next. Over the last ten years my yoga offering has evolved. I wanted to make sure that every experience you have with me and my business reflects where we are now (and where we might go in the future). So, with that in mind, I’ve chosen to mark our ten years of yoga with:

  • A new brand position – ‘Real yoga for the Real you’ is about making yoga accessible to everyone. Forget that stick-thin girl with her legs wrapped around her head. Yoga with me is real yoga that can be done by real people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. It also offers real benefits. Read more about my brand positioning.
  • A new website – if you’re on this page, you’ve made it to my new website! The site has our fantastic yoga community at the heart. The photography throughout features me and my real students and has been designed to better meet your needs. Meet the team that helped me create the site.
  • A new booking system I want yoga to be accessible to everyone and that includes a simple system to book onto my classes! The new system is a hub for all your bookings – whether that’s face-to-face classes, on-demand videos or deep dive workshops. Learn how to use the new system.

Real yoga changing real people

It was really important to me that I marked ten years in business by celebrating the wonderful yoga community we’ve built and the benefits we’ve experienced working together. I’ve absolutely loved forging the most amazing relationships with you. Seeing how yoga and some of my other offerings have helped you to blossom has been a privilege. Below you’ll find some stories from students past and present who have experienced life-changing, life-enhancing shifts:

Meet Bob

“I started yoga for three reasons really 1. I’d been to my physio and GP about various back pains and they concluded that the causes were probably stress-related so I decided to try yoga to see if it would help; 2. I’m a keen snowboarder and I wanted to find a way to improve core strength and rotational flexibility; 3. I recognised that, with age, I was losing some flexibility particularly in my back and neck and I felt yoga could help with this. I had some reservations about doing yoga so it was quite a big step to consider going along to classes. When I made contact with Adele she couldn’t have more welcoming. Within a very short period of time, I noticed a marked difference in wellbeing, stress levels and range of movement.”

Meet Carrie

“I applied for Adele’s Love Your Body course because I felt so disconnected and ashamed by my body and how I looked. I’d lost all my hair to alopecia at the age of 31, during my third pregnancy, so as well as going through the wonderful miracle of growing a human and all the body changes and weight gain, I had to contend with a very outward and obvious appearance change too. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and proud of my body for everything it’s done. The parts of the course that really made a huge difference for me were focused on moving your body and how we view food. This, coupled with being taught techniques on how to deal with my ever-changing emotions and feelings (tapping, mantras) has led to a two-stone weight loss from the start of the course to now. I am so grateful that I was accepted onto the course because it has changed my life for the better. I am lighter in body and mind and feel more positive about my future.”

Meet Liz

“Prior to finding hypnobirthing I was terrified of labour and thought the only way I’d have children was with an elective caesarean. I came to Adele for a refresher session prior to my third baby. Given a number of factors, including the Covid pandemic, I had become very anxious about this delivery. Adele and I had two virtual sessions in which she had me practicing self-hypnosis and breathing techniques. We also discussed my previous experiences and current anxieties. Despite the fact we were not able to conduct the sessions face to face, Adele immediately put me at ease. I felt able to truly open up to her and I left each session with a renewed optimism about my impending labour. Adele played a crucial role in that teaching and support – I cannot recommend her enough.”

Meet Jeanette

“Yoga is my happy place! Stresses in life come and go, life gets busy and routines sometimes have to take a back seat. I’m so glad to have found Adele. I’ve practised yoga for a number of years now and my ideal week would be a little bit of yoga everyday and a weekly class with Adele. I’m loving the on demand yoga now available on Adele’s website. I can tell when my life gets busy and I start to feel stressed and I’m so glad to have found yoga at these times – it’s as if my body tells me I need it. I can’t imagine life without yoga now. I truly love how good it makes me feel physically and mentally ❤️❤️❤️”.

If you’d like to share your story about the health and wellbeing benefits of yoga, please do get in touch. Everyone has their own unique reasons for finding yoga. I’d love to inspire more people to discover its joy by sharing your special experience. Drop me a line at: adele@adelesyoga.com

Let’s celebrate

Let’s celebrate our ten years of yoga together with a party – with a difference! Join me for a night of treats, laughter, joy and togetherness:

  • Friday 11th  November 7-9pm at the Centred Community Centre on Burnley Road.
  • There will be cacao, cake, tarot readings and a beautiful sound bath
  • The celebration night is a gift from me to you, however I’m asking for £5 to cover the cost of your cacao only and to secure your place
  • Book now via the booking system – places are limited so don’t miss out

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