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Workshop: 90min Autumn Equinox

Workshop: 90min Autumn Equinox
Did you miss my live Deep Dive into the Autumn Equinox practice? Then here my friend, is the recording, lovingly created so that you can now practice this anytime, from anywhere. And in fact, this deep dive CAN be practiced any time of the year,  as it’s a session which invites you to have time and space for yourself to ‘reflect’ on where you’re at, ‘release’ what’s not serving you, and ‘rebalance’ to get that internal reset button well and truly activated. That feeling of coming home to you, you know that feeling?  This practice was recorded a day or two after the Autumn Equinox, as this is when it’s most resonant. We are moving our of our busy active summer phase of the year, into the darker, quieter more contemplative phases of the year.  I will be practicing the elements of this deep dive throughout September, October, November, December and January as I feel it get’s more resonant with repetition, and more insights arise each time. You can of course do the same, as once this recording is purchased it’s yours to keep. Let’s see if this deep dive is for you… How does a Workshop recording work? It a 90min recording, within which you can of course do bit by bit, or all in one go – your call. The workshop is interactive, educational, insightful – it’s taking you into a deep dive of a particular subject area, and in this case it’s your journey into reflecting, releasing and rebalancing for autumn/Winter. As a general flow, the workshop covers: – Understanding of the equinox, it’s relevance to you, why it’s important within yoga – Reflecting through meditation, visualisation and a written yoga practice – Releasing through yoga asana and a guided meditation – Rebalancing through meditation, visualisation and yoga nidra – by the end of the deep dive you should have understanding of where you are right now, what you need to let go of and how, and where your imbalances are and how to bring yourself back into balance.  How’s it different from the other recordings in the shop? It’s a longer session at 90mins, and it’s way more in-depth. It’s delivered in a way where you’ll have time to reflect, feel and notice. This can then be factored into your ongoing yoga practice, on and off the mat. You’ll investigate your own unique inner journey – think of it as inner engineering!  What’s in it for you? Enjoy a deep dive into your balance right now, and gain insight, understanding and the yogic tools to bring you back into balance. Give yourself this precious time. We move in a world that goes a 100m/p/h – choose instead to pause, reflect and give yourself this self-care. It will pay dividends in your wellbeing. What to expect / how to prepare? Expect an easy-to-understand approach, which is suitable for all abilities. We deep dive without the jargon, through a very grounding and nurturing approach. Prepare by setting up your space, and have a couple of yoga blocks or books by your mat. A cushion/rolled up towel can be helpful too. We will be doing some writing in the session so please have a note pad and pen to hand. Have a mug of something comforting and yummy nearby, maybe light a candle or diffuse a grounding aroma. Be comfortable and approach the session with an open mind and heart. This is a great practice to gently ease you into the Autumn/Winter phase of the year. And a great all year round balancer. Follow the link below to take you to the recording. Much love Adele x
  • Once purchased the video is yours to keep – enjoy
  • Access the video through your confirmation email or within the adelesyoga website within ‘bookings’
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Follow this link to take you to the recording within the shop. Love Adele x Click Here
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