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A hatha practice which is just for now…

A hatha practice which is just for now…
Hello dear friend, and welcome to this little post which is about a video I recorded to help you be accepting of where you are right now. This ‘just for now’ practice lessens the expectations that we put upon ourselves.   Have you noticed that sometimes our busy and often critical mind, will tell us “I don’t have time for a yoga practice” or “I have way too much to do, I can’t possibly do yoga” – you recognise this mind chatter? Ahhh yes that’s because it happens to us all and is quite normal. The mind becomes a blocker to you getting your self care. And remember that self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. The ‘just for now’ yoga practice continually invites you into the present moment, connecting with your body, mind, emotions and breath. Instead of jumping ahead to what’s next, your plans and your to-do lists, you’re invited to ‘just for now’ be present with yourself. And so with that invitation to enjoy this 1hr of Hatha just as you are, with no expectations, no shoulds, nothing to achieve or aspire to… just for now let the yoga come on in. Follow the link below to take you directly to the recording within the shop, and once purchased it is yours to keep. With love, Adele x

Hatha – just for now

Follow this link to take you straight to the recording. Love Adele x Click Here
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