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Keeping it real: new campaign to bust those yoga myths

<strong>Keeping it real: new campaign to bust those yoga myths</strong>

I’m so excited to be launching my new campaign ‘Keeping It Real’. So often, the yoga we see in the media just isn’t true to real life.  Usually, you’ll see a stick-thin girl with her legs wrapped behind their head. She’s probably young, beautiful and the pose she’s doing makes your muscles ache just looking at her. With these types of images all over the media, is there any wonder so many of us feel that yoga isn’t for us?

But that’s not even close to what real yoga is – and it’s certainly not exclusively for people that look like they’ve just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. Real yoga is for everybody and every body. It welcomes us, just as we are – wobbly bits, bad days and all – and helps us to deal with the stresses that we all experience as real people.

So, this campaign is all about keeping it real. I’m going to be talking much more about what yoga really is, how it can be done by all shapes, sizes and abilities and how you can easily incorporate it into your day. I’m also going to be showcasing the real, wonderful people that practice yoga and celebrating the real benefits that you can experience when you give it try.

Take a look at my first campaign video to find out more!

What you can expect to see


I really want to break down those barriers and encourage more people to give yoga a go. To help do this, I’ll be offering a series of taster sessions over the next few months where you can come along, find out more about yoga and give the basics a try alongside others who might be new to yoga too.

I’ll be kicking this off with the first of these on Thursday 16 February at 8.15 – 9pm at St Jude’s Church Hall, Halifax. And, as it’s Valentine’s week, I want to spread a little love of my own – so I’ll be offering this session for free if you’ve never tried my classes before.

For my current students, you’re invited to bring someone along with you for free. It could be your valentine, your galentine or a family member – everyone is welcome to try out this relaxed, introductory session.

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Stay tuned for more taster classes coming soon.


There are so many myths I want to bust about yoga really is… so I’m going in front of the camera to spread the message far and wide! Keep your eyes peeled for more campaign videos where I’ll be talking more about the benefits of yoga, including how it can be adjusted to suit all levels of fitness and flexibility. And. in the spirit of ‘keeping it real’, I’ll also be sharing a bit more about me – both as a teacher and off the mat – so you can get an insight into who I am and how I found myself on the yoga path.

Finally, I’m super excited to be launching my ‘Mindful Minute’ videos next week. These are quick self-care practices that you can do at home (or anywhere!) to help you to relax and feel grounded. I’m a big believer that yoga doesn’t just happen on the mat so I’m really looking forward to sharing these 60 second videos that you can easily blend into your day.

I have lots of other things in the pipeline for the campaign too – but I’ll leave it there for now. Please do keep an eye out for further campaign content and help me to spread the Real Yoga message where you can!

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