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Real yoga and the real me: a Q&A with Adele

Real yoga and the real me: a Q&A with Adele

Hi everyone, first and foremost I wanted to say a big thank you to clicking into this blog post. Before I fire into the Q&A I wanted to give a little bit of context as to why I’m sharing info about myself.

If you follow me on social media or read my blogs, you may have heard me talk about my ‘Keeping it Real’ campaign. If you haven’t – or you need a recap – here’s a bit of background info… In a nutshell, the campaign is all about busting yoga myths and championing real, accessible and inclusive yoga for real people. To me, this is especially important as, so often, the yoga we see in the media isn’t actually real yoga at all.

Supermodel bodies, elaborate poses and exclusively eating kale are just some of the stereotypes we’ve come to associate with yoga. But real yoga is for everybody and every body – all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Through my ‘Keeping it Real’ campaign, I want to shout this message from the rooftops! 

If you need a bit more reassuring that yoga really is for everybody, you might like this video. It shows one of my chair yoga sessions. These practices are a great example of how yoga can be adapted to suit different needs.

Adele – on and off the mat

A big part of the campaign – and (if I’m honest!) a bit of challenge for me – has been opening up about my own experiences with yoga, as well as my life off the mat. My hope is that by being more ‘real’ myself, I’ll help others to feel comfortable bringing their real selves to my classes too.

Yoga is a fantastic way to work through the stresses and strains that we all feel as real people. But the first step to that is feeling at ease enough to walk through the door to a class. I hope that by sharing more about myself, I’ll encourage more people to feel able to take that first step and experience all the benefits that real yoga can bring.

So, in that spirit, I thought it would be fun to share a few stories about me. I hope, at the least, it makes you smile – but I’d also love it if it makes you feel curious or eases any anxieties you may have about trying a class with me. Opening up is never easy but if it helps others it will be worth it!

Yoga Q&A with Adele

How did you get into yoga?

Like so many of my students, I first tried yoga as I was suffering from stress. On a whim, I decided to try a yoga class. This chance experience sparked a life-long passion for yoga and the entire yogic philosophy that comes with it. I talk about it in more detail in this video, if you’d like to hear a bit more.

What’s the best yoga advice you’ve ever been given?

The best yoga advice – or more accurately ‘life’ advice – I’ve ever been gifted, is from my dear heart teacher, Marilyn Heginbotham. She said to me “the opposite to what you believe is also true”.

I sat with that for some time and realised the sheer gravity of its power and resonance. It has since become integral in all my interactions with friends, family, students – everyone! When you live by this sentiment, you learn acceptance and empathy. The knowledge becomes wisdom, and, in turn, you feel more peace inside and with all your relationships too.

Try it! Sit with what’s really behind the words… “the opposite to what you believe is also true”. When you feel confronted, jostled, overwhelmed – whatever the situation that arrives at your door – try being with this advice and see if you respond and feel differently. Full credit to my heart teacher Marilyn for this golden nugget – thank you Marilyn!

Can you share a funny story of how yoga has changed a situation for you?

Yes, there are many to choose from on this one!

One that springs to mind is when I was on the school run with my two gorgeous sons. In true Yorkshire style, it was raining cats and dogs. At the road junction, we were waiting to cross with many other parents and kids, when a huge artic lorry soared through. It produced a tidal wave that covered us all in water from head to toe.

The me of 10 years ago would have been furious. But the me today, the me that’s let yoga be woven into my whole approach to life, thought it was hilarious. We weren’t going to change the external event of being soaked whether we were cross, sad or happy – so I chose joy! I burst into laughter and boys looked up at me and started laughing too. A special and funny moment – that was yoga in action! 

I’ll leave the Q&A there for now, but I really hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about real yoga and the real me!

With love, Adele xx

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